I do not think this is the right way
I only stood by the subway
Seeing the river that fed the forest,
Listening to ocean waves rapt it fortress
Then,I made this hurt to shield us
Through the hazy blaze and thrust
Sleep over!
And let the pains pull over
Only then can you regain the promise
The ever-enriching feast of mise
For the earth to let you out of pain
Put forth before a new reign
Sleep over to find the vagrant spirit
Hive your throne with sacrifice of merit
Even the wives of my colleagues
Found your renege a hostile league
Fate made time the master
And that is what matters
The first keys were bad
I made no room for the mad
I clinch this blade
Until fear fades
Sleep over!
step over!
Your mind will find this an adventure
When it fully holds the future.
Now you have a smile
The sweats are mine
On this talking bed we laid night out
And at dawn we gazed at the sprout
At the foot of patient
Within the named stones our transient
This is a paled swamp
My childhood kept better camps
We ate the okro from the stake
The new swamp trend is fake
Only the blades are stale
Then,the wine are staunch ale
Wood hunters bent ude to noth
Poured out our sacred allegiance
If we do weep enough at the forest
It is only that we lost our engress.


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