I do not wish to see you cry
It’s fermished but I choose to try
Your lumps withering under this strain
And I call you at night at the train
To check on your solitary soul
The parchment that left you whole

When did this happened to us?
Dark years upon us
The cathedral’s intervention is foul
Their clandestine mopping like an owl
Who’s this vagrant vicar that rants?
By celestial propensity he wants

Now,if we call on Nnansu
Let no one call us Osu
We don’t know who brew the semen
But we know it is not of men
You are not a whore
Even the deity had swore

How you giggled under their pangs
Their lustrous erection hanged
Then you gnashed your teeths
To let pains tit
Wollowed at the strains of divinity
And trade the pains of viginity

Perhaps,if the pontus comes
A tribunal will do the flangs and tomes
Was it not the median chest?
That was crest?
An inscription of injustice
Only fate noticed

A truck load of faithless beast
Soaked in the vault of malign feast
Of all my sojourn,
To appease these falcon
To braze up in accolade
To take the blade
And open up the gods.

Evans Ufeli 2015.


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