Lagos witnessed a taste of the power of art on the 6th of December 2014 at Terra- kulture Victoria Island. #ThisArtIsEnough; a literary concert organized by the amiable Joy is Bewaji took a twist the left all attendees dazzled with jaw–dropping performances, poetry, spoken word, music, drama and book readings. The artistic impression create at the scene renewed everything in souls of literary enthusiasts. The suspense and pyrrhic, with the over flowing aura of wit possessed by the artist was outstanding. Dami Ajayi’s poem is all that is needed to wake the dead. He orates in simplicity, yet soaked in the vault of spontaneity. Dami splutters rich intellectual rendition that leaves the listener ‘Hony’ and in thought of ‘sin’. He catholicize his verse to heal the soul and resuscitate the human celebrate virtuosity.
Wana Udobang took the stage beaming a priceless smile reminiscent of purity. Her ‘spoke word’ performance lit up the stratosphere of exaltation and defined the geography of excellent artistry. She puffed her words in style with remarkable confidence. `This Love Is Not for Sale’ was rendered in a puzzling proportion.The clarity of her selection invokes powerful emotions that portrays her as a veteran of unassailable intellection.
The crown troupe came on stage with a redefinition of art. They put up a performance that could possible amuse even the devil. It was amazing! ‘Marriage destroys the body of a woman and the wit of a man.’ They mused. The brilliant performance was from Joy Isi bewaji’s Eko Dialogue, a collection a short stories. The troupe had the characters, the confidence and the art.
The Madhouse Dance had a cryptic performance that told a story of survival and the proclivities of death; a pantomime, fill with suspense and exegesis. The significance of life and the contempt of death pulled the dance to the common reality that ‘there is no armour against fate; death lays its icy hands on kings’ It was a luster ritual dazed with ambivalence and sublimity.
The melodrama was captivating. It extrapolates the rigors of marriage typical of the African reality. Yvonne Anoruo as the lead character was a touch of many things, leadership, humorous and classy. She portrayed a character of embellished sophistication
Aduke‘s song “Man is Man” was fresh. It reeled out smooth, emanating from the soul of a young girl determined to make a difference. “Made in Lagos”, another song of her’s, trilled the audience as they stood on their feet to echoe the chorus irresistibly.
The award winning Tade Ipadeola did a short powerful the poem- “Forest of flowers”, his words were refined beyond description. He gave Joy a unique poem in a bottle. This was priceless!
The mayor himself, Toni Kan, performed poetry in artistic sophistry. He choosed his words amorously, homely and graciously.
Efe Paul gave a remarkable performance with his delectable poem titled ‘History Is’. His oratory skill was magical. The essence of a foiled system was succinctly captured by his sophistry. Efe’s voice is like new wine.
Mtril was amazing on stage,his rape music had originality with a voice. Such skill is not easily found these days.
Sylva Nze, had a long captivating read from his book ‘The Funeral did not End’. The audience asked for more while he stepped off the stage.
Bura-Bari Nwilo, read from his book, ‘The Diary of a Stupid Boyfriend’. His amiable comical expression has won the heart of many in resent time.
Kola Tobosun read from Dam Ajayi‘s ‘Conji blues’, the “take offs” in that poem pose an imagery of what adults do when a force runs through their spine.
Tobi Adebowale is a poetic god. His diction could pull a string of ones hair with the effects and ecstasy .He rode on an unconventional style crowned with polymath distinction. His performance was sexy, soft and balance.
The book ‘What Pain May Bring” by Joy Is Bewaji was presented to the public at the event. It was a great moment for people who attended the event as we look forward to the next edition.
Evans Ufeli © 2014


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