Month: December 2014


After drinking two bottles of Orijin Premium spirit,
I became tipsy as I gazed at shalewa who as usual,
stood Akimbo under the dogonyaro tree in front
of our house. Her bowl of mixed roots, locally
brewed was before her. She sells kparaga and
other roots-distilled liquor that cure malaria and
typhoid. My eyes were permanently fixed to her
waist. Shalewa has a waist that could produce a
lump between any man’s thighs. She was blessed
with breasts the size of melons. She wasn’t dirty,
her skin actually glowed luxuriantly in the sun and the appendages on her chest kept swinging hysterically as she attended to her customers. I know she wasn’t near my league, but her
succulent lips, fabulously sculptured breasts and marvelous buttocks were definately affiliated to my class. I greedily undressed her in my mind before I knew what was happening and my manhood stood erect like Aso Rock. I walked up to her, just to tell her we were looking for a house-help and having perused her physical CV, she is just the best woman for the job.
‘Hi’, I spluttered. She knelt down and greeted me
“Good afternoon”. I noticed the excellent
arrangement of her dentition. ‘’ Were you told we
needed a house-help?’
‘No sir.”
‘’ well we need one and I think you could
take up the job’.
‘’Ah!’’ she exclaimed.
“I hope you can do it, ‘’ I shouted with the voice of a boss. ‘
“yes sir, I fit do am well, well,” She said.
Salewa resumed work the next day and made
one of the best stew ever. I ate and stared at her
breasts carelessly dangling from her chest as she took care of the home cores. While she mopped the floor, I tiptoed towards her and held her waist. She turned and looked at me. She was shy. ‘’Oga, no vex’.
I held her waist firmly, planting my manhood between her palatable hips. I caressed it and she
allowed me. Soon my hand got to her breasts and I squeezed them, she giggle. I pulled her straight to my room and she followed like a doe headed for slaughter. I kissed her gently, near the bed, playing with her thick lips while my hand ran gently around her entire body. The wrapper around her waist broke loose and fell gently on the floor. Her eyes became dimed, sexy and wild. I caressed her waist gently, pulling at her panties as she muttered inaudibly. I flipped up her spaghetti top revealing her rounded sexy tummy and I explored lustfully. Then I pulled down her bra and poured her
heavy breasts out; I sent my tongue to her
nipples immediately. Her nipples were tasty, hard
and rough to touch. She screamed softly as I sucked her deeply.
Now, her hand found my dick and
fondled it gently. She was really experienced .She
unzipped my trousers. As my trousers dropped on the floor my boxers held my
erect manhood like a toga. Then, I removed her
panties, her virgina was neatly shaved. It was a
wonderful pairsight that looked unbattered. At a go she pulled my boxers off my waist and my rock-hard dick sprang out steadily for.
She laid down on the bed while I knelt in-between
her legs and I pushed my tongue into her well-
sculptured virgina . She wriggled. ‘’ Ahrrr oga!’’
I went deeper as she screamed at the top of her
voice. I sucked her passionately and she cried out.
Her virgina had no stench, so I enjoyed eating her
while she climaxed to Elysium. Then I sucked her
breasts. Her breasts shone. She took her hand again to my manhood and fondled it. She stroked it vigorously to it’s full length. I made hee go on her knees. I bent a little and took my
penis into her virgina from the back. I entered
slowly, her virgina was tight, smooth and glossy.
She was also lubricated and her virgina swallowed my entire dick at once. I slowly began to thrust into her, she muttered words like “hmmmmmm.
Fuck me!, fuck me! Ah hmmh.” My thrusts were firm and fast now, and she kept asking for more. Her legs were smooth and divided wide, and her virgina hole was tiny, sweet and wet.
She unplugged my dick and held it as she sucked
it. It was sweet. She sucked my dick like her entire
life depended on it. Shalewa, swallowed my
manhood into her mouth just like the virgian did a
while ago. I screamed, my legs were shaking and I
staggered. She held on to my penis like a straw
pumping and sucking.
She had stimulated my penis well. Then she
punished me and I landed backward on the bed.
She climbed on me, held my penis and gently inserted it into her vigina. I felt good and she began to pound me like she was at war. Her breasts jiggled up and downed and I held them. Fondled them. She was moving faster now and my dick remained hard like a rod.
I felt a sensation whizzing down my spine. Then
she suddenly stood up. Landed on her back while I climbed on her, my dick went straight in without missing the target; it travelled deep and I thrust in and out gallantly and joyfully. She was equally on top of her game as she wiggles her hips while i thrust powerfully. She went “ Ah,AH, ah, ah fuck me! Fuck me! Yeah.” Her voice was coarse and she begged for more sex. I kept up the energy and she kept asking for more. She used her legs to wrap my waist around and begged me to fuck her still. I fucked her mercilessly. Her mouth was open as she heaved sighs of satisfaction. I pulled my dick out. It was still hard, I plugged it back in joyfully.
She asked to fuck her more. I did it until she
screamed vigorously, she was about to cum. She
screamed and I kept it slow. I came back faster
again I screamed, “ ah, ah ah. I pulled out my dick and my sperm gushed out and spilled all over her entire body. She smiled joyfully, held my dick and stroke it while I rested. Later, Shalewa served dinner. She asked me to take my bath and have dinner but I had another plan. So I called her up to the bathroom I loosed her wrapper. While the shower splashed gently on
her naked body I romanced her, sucked her breasts and finally I asked her to touch her toes. She did and I enter from the back, her virgina was so tight. I thrust gently and she wiggles her hips pleasurably. I caressed her body and my dick slippery inside her. Her hips kept wriggling. It was an exhilarating experience and she pulled me to herself and washes us off with water as I increased the strength of the shower.
I later had dinner, saw a movie and went to
bed. I called at Shalewa’s rooms at midnight and she was fast asleep. I stared at her sexy figure while salivating. I woke her up. When she saw me she smiled and held my chick up enfolding it graciously.
We had sex till day break Shalewa knows her job
excellently well.
I woke up again. I was startled to see my wife glaring at me from her own side of the bed. “Who is Shalewa?” She growled. “And why were you fucking my pillow for the past five minutes.”



Lagos witnessed a taste of the power of art on the 6th of December 2014 at Terra- kulture Victoria Island. #ThisArtIsEnough; a literary concert organized by the amiable Joy is Bewaji took a twist the left all attendees dazzled with jaw–dropping performances, poetry, spoken word, music, drama and book readings. The artistic impression create at the scene renewed everything in souls of literary enthusiasts. The suspense and pyrrhic, with the over flowing aura of wit possessed by the artist was outstanding. Dami Ajayi’s poem is all that is needed to wake the dead. He orates in simplicity, yet soaked in the vault of spontaneity. Dami splutters rich intellectual rendition that leaves the listener ‘Hony’ and in thought of ‘sin’. He catholicize his verse to heal the soul and resuscitate the human celebrate virtuosity.
Wana Udobang took the stage beaming a priceless smile reminiscent of purity. Her ‘spoke word’ performance lit up the stratosphere of exaltation and defined the geography of excellent artistry. She puffed her words in style with remarkable confidence. `This Love Is Not for Sale’ was rendered in a puzzling proportion.The clarity of her selection invokes powerful emotions that portrays her as a veteran of unassailable intellection.
The crown troupe came on stage with a redefinition of art. They put up a performance that could possible amuse even the devil. It was amazing! ‘Marriage destroys the body of a woman and the wit of a man.’ They mused. The brilliant performance was from Joy Isi bewaji’s Eko Dialogue, a collection a short stories. The troupe had the characters, the confidence and the art.
The Madhouse Dance had a cryptic performance that told a story of survival and the proclivities of death; a pantomime, fill with suspense and exegesis. The significance of life and the contempt of death pulled the dance to the common reality that ‘there is no armour against fate; death lays its icy hands on kings’ It was a luster ritual dazed with ambivalence and sublimity.
The melodrama was captivating. It extrapolates the rigors of marriage typical of the African reality. Yvonne Anoruo as the lead character was a touch of many things, leadership, humorous and classy. She portrayed a character of embellished sophistication
Aduke‘s song “Man is Man” was fresh. It reeled out smooth, emanating from the soul of a young girl determined to make a difference. “Made in Lagos”, another song of her’s, trilled the audience as they stood on their feet to echoe the chorus irresistibly.
The award winning Tade Ipadeola did a short powerful the poem- “Forest of flowers”, his words were refined beyond description. He gave Joy a unique poem in a bottle. This was priceless!
The mayor himself, Toni Kan, performed poetry in artistic sophistry. He choosed his words amorously, homely and graciously.
Efe Paul gave a remarkable performance with his delectable poem titled ‘History Is’. His oratory skill was magical. The essence of a foiled system was succinctly captured by his sophistry. Efe’s voice is like new wine.
Mtril was amazing on stage,his rape music had originality with a voice. Such skill is not easily found these days.
Sylva Nze, had a long captivating read from his book ‘The Funeral did not End’. The audience asked for more while he stepped off the stage.
Bura-Bari Nwilo, read from his book, ‘The Diary of a Stupid Boyfriend’. His amiable comical expression has won the heart of many in resent time.
Kola Tobosun read from Dam Ajayi‘s ‘Conji blues’, the “take offs” in that poem pose an imagery of what adults do when a force runs through their spine.
Tobi Adebowale is a poetic god. His diction could pull a string of ones hair with the effects and ecstasy .He rode on an unconventional style crowned with polymath distinction. His performance was sexy, soft and balance.
The book ‘What Pain May Bring” by Joy Is Bewaji was presented to the public at the event. It was a great moment for people who attended the event as we look forward to the next edition.
Evans Ufeli © 2014